Deploying to Testnet

You are able to deploy the contracts to any network using remix. If you adjust the environment dropdown box, you will be able to select injected web3. This will allow you to connect with metamask and then deploy your contracts.

With gas costs being as expensive as they are now, we would recommend trying the contracts on any testnet network such as Kovan or alternatively on xDai chain (please follow the guide here to connect with metamask)

You can receive xDai from the faucet at this link

For these networks, the conditional tokens contract has already been deployed and can be found at the following addresses:

  • Mainnet: 0xC59b0e4De5F1248C1140964E0fF287B192407E0C

  • xDai: 0xCeAfDD6bc0bEF976fdCd1112955828E00543c0Ce

  • Rinkeby: 0x36bede640D19981A82090519bC1626249984c908